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DataDome: how to use your dashboard

Using your DataDome dashboard Once you've set up your module, DataDome analyzes your traffic in real time. Your dashboard contains all the information you need to take informed decisions regarding bot blocking and content monetization. Here's a quick guide to help you make the most of our solution to protect your assets from bad [...]

What DataDome can do for you

What DataDome can do for you From online publishers to eCommerce platforms, from marketplaces to classifieds, any website producing and distributing its own content is a potential target for bad bots. DataDome works with a variety of digital businesses to protect their content, their data, their users or the ads appearing on [...]

DataDome @ InfoSecurity Europe 2016 in London

Listed among the exhibitors at the InfoSecurity Europe 2016 event, the DataDome team will be in London from June 7 to June 9, 2016. An opportunity to show our solution, and share our thoughts on the future of bot activty alongside some of the greatest experts on security issues. London Calling ! [...]

Optimizing revenue of your WordPress website with DataDome

For a growing number of companies, ranging from eCommerce startups to international media platforms, WordPress has become the ideal solution to easily build a professional website and start driving traffic. Still, finding a way to make money from an online business is a constant challenge.  Bad bot activity, designed to steal content, [...]

Now hiring ! Data Analyst / Developer internship

We are looking for a new member in our team. Think you've got what it takes to become a bot hunter ? Data Analyst/Developer Intern Job type: 6 months full-time internship Disponibility: As soon as you are ready! Location: Paris Compensation: to be determined Company Description DataDome is a growing [...]

How to protect your company against bots

How to protect your online business against the threats of bot traffic According to our latest estimates, almost 50% of Internet traffic is not human – in other words, generated by various types of bots. While companies can benefit from the activity of “good bots”, helping them to appear on search engines, “bad bots” [...]

DataDome aims at making the web human again

DataDome aims at making the web human again As global bot traffic has gone over 50%, DataDome aims at making the web human again. Feb. 29th 2016 (Paris, France). Launched by two French entrepreneurs, DataDome aspires to put an end to the threat posed by online bot activity. Late 2015, awareness [...]

Join the eCommerce DataLab!

Join the eCommerce DataLab! DataDome teams up with eCommerce websites to better understand the impact of Web scraping. An eCommerce website is only as strong as its inventories. Its product listings, prices, special offers, its buyers and sellers communities make it more attractive to customers, giving them the edge in an [...]

Introducing the Publishers DataLab

DataDome teams up with content producers to fight against Web scraping. The value of your content can bring unwanted attention. Disregarding copyright rules, Web scrapers – bots programmed to crawl web pages – fraudulently harvest and republish protected content. Which can cause many issues for publishers. Duplicate content cannot only drive [...]

5 ways bot traffic will evolve in 2016

5 ways bot traffic will evolve in 2016 As tech evolves, it’s often easier to focus on the threats posed by what we don’t understand, than it is to predict a brighter future. But it’s not our fault. Recent articles and blog posts draw a grim picture for industry leaders threatened by [...]