Last week, DataDome was exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe. “Infosec” is Europe’s number one information security event, with more than 360 exhibitors and 13,500 visitors.

This year’s theme was “Cybersecurity at the Speed of Business” — a highly relevant one for us, aiming as we are to help businesses of all sizes secure and speed up their websites by taking back control over automated traffic!

As usual when passionate industry experts flock together by the thousands, the conversations were rich and the insights were many. Here are our top 3 takeaways from the event.

1. The bot threat is still underestimated

Perhaps the most important takeaway from this year’s show is that bot traffic, and the risks it represents, are still surprisingly underestimated by the IT security community.

Awareness of bots as a potential cybersecurity threat is certainly growing, but many visitors to our stand were surprised to discover the true scale and impact of bot traffic.

The topic offered the perfect opportunity to show off our powerful bot protection solution and our super-easy-to-use dashboard, which lets website administrators

  • monitor traffic quality,
  • automate protection, and
  • easily allow or block specific bots with a simple click.
Benjamin B at Infosec 2017

2. User data protection is a key concern

Many of our conversations on the show floor were focused on protecting website users and their personal information. It might not be the type of threat we talk about most often, but personal data theft is a very real and relevant issue for website administrators.

Certain bots are programmed specifically to impersonate the real users of online platforms, in order to harvest their personal data and either misuse them or distribute them to third parties.

An efficient blocking strategy will help website owners tackle this threat, and offer a safer online experience for their human visitors.

3. French cybersecurity companies need to step up

The French cybersecurity scene is reputed to be both advanced and dynamic, benefiting from excellent technological expertise and the absence of scandals involving government agencies. However, you certainly wouldn’t know that by visiting Infosec 2017.

As one of only six French exhibitors in a sea of British, German and American companies, the DataDome team was proudly defending our country’s colors, but we’re hoping for a much stronger French presence at next year’s event!

Did you miss us at Infosec?

If you missed us at Infosec, don’t worry! There will be plenty of other opportunities to meet us in the coming months, including at these upcoming events:

  • June 20-21, Paris: CRIP Convention
  • June 27, Paris: AWS Summit
  • July, Paris: Round table on classifieds by Geste

And of course, you can contact us any time to learn more about our technology, ask a question, or schedule a demo!

Benjamin F at Infosec 2017
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