Protect Your Business & Customers Against Web Scraping

Here's how DataDome protects you against web scraping:

Block Web Scraping Threats in Real Time

Our SaaS bot and online fraud protection software analyzes every request to your online services and blocks bad bots automatically.

See Detailed Insights on Attempted Scraping

You get a detailed classification of the different types of attacks detected and blocked on your mobile apps, websites, and APIs.

Secure All Endpoints Against Web Scraping

With DataDome, your mobile apps and APIs are just as safe as your website. DataDome protects each interface with a dedicated algorithm.

People who think they don’t have a scraping problem are probably uninformed. I’d recommend to anyone who doesn’t have an anti-scraping solution in place to just run DataDome’s free trial and discover exactly how much of a problem they might have.

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See DataDome in Action

Start measuring bot attacks today and find out which malicious bots are attacking your site.

Real-Time Scraping Detection

DataDome looks at every request to your mobile app, website, and API and compares it against a massive in-memory pattern database. Through a blend of AI and machine learning, our web scraping detection software then decides whether the request came from a human or a bot in less than 2 milliseconds.

Our algorithm analyzes billions of requests on a daily basis. It is continuously updated to protect you against both old and new threats.

DataDome Real-time AI powered online fraud and bot protection

Deploy Web Scraping Protection in Minutes

Avoid the hassle of other web scraping prevention products that require architecture changes or DNS rerouting. DataDome is the only web scraping prevention solution delivered as a service. There will never be a single point of failure, and deploying DataDome is extremely simple. It only takes a few minutes.

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Web Scraping Prevention on Autopilot

Your teams won’t need to intervene after DataDome is installed. Once you set up a whitelist of trusted partner bots, DataDome takes care of all unwanted traffic and automatically protects you from web scraping. Each interface and endpoint has different usage patterns, so DataDome protects each one with a dedicated algorithm.

  •  Website
  •  Login & Other Forms
  •  RSS
  •  Mobile App API
  •  Mobile App Login API
  •  Machine-to-Machine API


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