Out-of-the-Box Protection Modes

DataDome provides four out-of-the-box protection modes that adapt your settings to specific situations. Each mode optimizes your detection granularity and response strategy based on context.

DataDome Standard Protection Mode

Balanced Protection Mode

Balanced protection mode leverages the best everyday settings to avoid any tradeoff between security and user experience. This mode guarantees a 0% false positive rate, optimal management of all bot traffic, and solid online fraud protection.
DataDome Flash Sales Protection Mode

Flash Sales Protection Mode

Flash sales, or “hype” sales, protection mode uses more aggressive behavioral detection models, designed to preserve sales funnels during special launches and events. We monitor country, type of IP, etc. to ensure only legitimate users can shop your sales.
DataDome Breaking News Mode

Breaking News Protection Mode

Breaking news mode is designed to protect the performance of your website, mobile app, and/or API while managing heavy automated traffic (which may include throttling good bots) and fending off increased DDoS attacks.
DataDome Under Attack Mode

Under Attack Protection Mode

Under attack mode, or “crisis” mode, is the go-to setting to switch on while an attack is underway. In this mode, security levels are tightened and all requests are prone to being challenged.

Beyond the four built-in protection modes, users can also customize all responses via 15+ criteria for each threat, attack, and endpoint.