Struggling to keep up with next-gen bot attacks?

Protection for Healthcare Platforms

DataDome's algorithms automatically detect sophisticated attacks and protect your endpoints at the edge, on autopilot. With no impact on performance.
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Here's how DataDome protects your business:

Expert Threat Assessment

Our threat research team will analyze your traffic and help you understand the attacks you are facing.

Detailed Reporting

Get real-time notifications, weekly threat analyses, and global audit reports.

Quick & Easy Setup

Set up in minutes—deploys easily on any infrastructure.

Our doctors are using their time more efficiently, our website is performing better, and we have lower infrastructure costs. All this without me having to look at DataDome at all—we’re just letting it run.

Cybersecurity Submanager, Clínica Alemana

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What’s next?

Start measuring your threats today to find out which bots are attacking your site.

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