Struggling to keep up with next-gen bot attacks?

Protection for Crypto & NFT Platforms

DataDome's algorithms automatically detect sophisticated attacks and protect your endpoints at the edge, on autopilot. With no impact on performance.
Crypto Industry

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Here's how DataDome protects your business:

Expert Threat Assessment

Our threat research team will analyze your traffic and help you understand the attacks you are facing.

Detailed Reporting

Get real-time notifications, weekly threat analyses, and global audit reports.

Quick & Easy Setup

Set up in minutes—deploys easily on any infrastructure.

When we evaluated the DataDome SDK, we were blown away. It’s just a few kB and causes no latency issues whatsoever. You don't even know it's there. It’s a beautiful, elegant system.

Mike Anderson, CTO at Tap Global


What’s next?

Start measuring your threats today to find out which bots are attacking your site.

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