Customer Experience

What we solve:

Bot attacks damage the customer experience at pivotal moments—but so do frequent false positives from inefficient bot protection. DataDome ensures an extremely low false-positive rate (below 0.01%) by using behavioral detection and customized CAPTCHA to protect customers on your mobile app, website, and API.



Protect the customer experience (CX) at all costs.


Higher customer satisfaction, fewer customer service calls, and an increase in NPS scores.

DataDome protects against:

CAPTCHA defeat bots and CAPTCHA farms threaten your business.

CAPTCHA Defeat Bots

Advanced bots can bypass CAPTCHAs and reCAPTCHAs by using outsourced teams/"farms" to solve them in real time.

False Positives

Bots have become so advanced that some protection providers struggle to tell the difference between bot and human, blocking real customers.
Scalping threatens your business.


Scalper bots, aka shopping/purchasing bots, scoop up limited-edition inventory in seconds and resell it at a higher cost.

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Most of our problems just sort of disappeared. Bot issues no longer frustrate our customers, so they’re no longer a problem for the client success team, which means that they don’t have to ask my engineering team for help with it either. And that makes everybody happy!

Kirk Bushell, Technical Director at Award Force


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