The Only User-Friendly, Privacy Compliant, & 100% Secure CAPTCHA

DataDome detects 100% of bots at all of your endpoints across mobile, web, and API without negatively impacting your user experience.
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Finally, a CAPTCHA Built by a Security Company

Easy on Humans, Hard on Bots

A CAPTCHA should never be your first line of defense. Our bot and online fraud management solution ensures your customers are unlikely to ever see a CAPTCHA.

However, for the rare occasion that a customer does get presented with a CAPTCHA, we built the best one there is for user experience (including accessibility), privacy compliance, and of course, security.

3 Major Flaws of Traditional CAPTCHAs

1—Outdated, Outsmarted, & Insecure

Bots and CAPTCHA farms easily bypass traditional CAPTCHAs, while humans find them frustrating. Meanwhile, you get no feedback beyond pass/fail signals—not enough data to refine your security. 

2—Lack of User Privacy Protection & Compliance

Traditional CAPTCHAs have been flagged for violating privacy laws such as GDPR by collecting excessive PII from your end-users without obtaining proper consent.

3—Frustrating, Slow User Experience 

Users faced with traditional CAPTCHAs find them to be slow and irritating (reCAPTCHA takes 20s on average for humans to solve), which hurts conversion rates and negatively reflects on your brand.

Why DataDome CAPTCHA?


Exists Solely for Security, Guaranteed

Built by a globally recognized team of bot protection experts, with end-users and compliance in mind, DataDome offers the first and only user-friendly, privacy compliant, and secure CAPTCHA.

Our behavioral detection ensures new bot techniques are identified in real time, rendering CAPTCHA farms and CAPTCHA solve bots useless.

Protects Every Endpoint in Real Time

With 25+ low-latency points of presence around the globe, DataDome rapidly responds to 100% of requests. We block malicious attacks, manage verified bots, and permit humans at an industry-beating false positive rate of 0.01%.

Our detection models process 3 trillion signals per day, constantly adapting to ensure the vast majority of your customers never have to see a CAPTCHA.


The Only Globally Privacy Compliant CAPTCHA

Privacy is a fundamental human right. Enhancing security must not come as a trade-off to users’ data privacy, nor should it sacrifice the user experience or your business performance.

DataDome takes users’ privacy very seriously. Our CAPTCHA is compliant with local data privacy laws in North America, EMEA, APAC, South America, and Africa.

Globally Privacy Compliant

Safeguarding End-User Privacy

DataDome does not collect your users’ names, email addresses, credentials, phone numbers, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers, payment details, etc.

Dashboard Data Retention

10x Faster Than ReCAPTCHA

It takes, on average, 20 seconds to pass a reCAPTCHA—hurting your conversions, user experience, and customer journey. Meanwhile, CAPTCHA farms and CAPTCHA defeat bots breeze through reCAPTCHAs without losing patience.

DataDome’s CAPTCHA takes 2.2 seconds to solve on average. The average internet user will wait no longer than 3 seconds for a page to load. Our CAPTCHA loads in 0.9 seconds vs. reCAPTCHA’s 2.1 and GeeTest’s 1.8 seconds.

DataDome CAPTCHA vs. reCAPTCHA Time

0.01% False Positive Rate Meets Best-in-Class Service

The first security vendor to commit to 99.99% human users protected without being challenged, DataDome understands the value of a good user experience (UX). We prioritize UX for both our customers and their customers.

That’s why, as a globally recognized leader in bot and online fraud protection, we created a CAPTCHA optimized for UX, data privacy, and accessibility.

DataDome Awards

Audio CAPTCHA in 13 Languages

Valentin Haüy association‘s Accessibility division—a strong advocate for the visually impaired—points out that most CAPTCHAs are inaccessible to visually impaired users.

Valentin Haüy association tested DataDome’s bot challenge, which includes an audio CAPTCHA in 13 different languages (vs. GeeTest’s 7 languages and reCAPTCHA’s 8.)

The association found that DataDome’s CAPTCHA is very well designed for the visually impaired.

Valentin Haüy Accessibility Approved

The new DataDome CAPTCHA is superb. It renders much faster and interactions with it are more responsive than our previous third-party CAPTCHA. Bots can’t solve it, and humans can with minimal hassle. It’s just what a CAPTCHA should be.

Matthew Niehues, Product Engineer, Fidelity Solutions

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Connect, Deploy, & Get Protected in Minutes

Easily integrated. Universally compatible. Rapidly scalable. Identify and prevent bots right out the box with DataDome.

100% dedicated to keeping endpoints secure.


Runs on over 500M devices worldwide.

Low Latency

Average computing time of 2 ms per request.

More Reasons 250+ Enterprises Choose DataDome

Cut Server Costs & Wasted Time

1 in 3 requests come from bad bots. Save thousands of dollars in infrastructure costs and man-hours with automated bot protection.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Safeguard sensitive user data and ensure GDPR compliance at all times while protecting your customer experience (0.01% false positive rate).

Reduce Downtime & Slowdowns

Sluggish site speeds and bot-induced downtime hurt your conversions. Reclaim lost revenue by eliminating scrapers, DDoS attacks, and spam bots.


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