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Rated 4.8/5 by Our Customers

Raymond B.


Easy set-up, great protection, great reporting

"We have reduced overall bot traffic (based on our Cloudflare stats). We have not been subjected to any noticeable sustained DDoS attacks. We have had little or no false positives. We have a bot protection tool which is easy to administer and which provides us with great insights and reporting."

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Nick H.

Middle Management

It is amazing how easy it is to use DataDome

"One of the things that I like the most is to be able to add more real-time reaglas, we can tell our partners that they needed to reach our API, that they would use a specific user that was included in the DataDome white list and in a few minutes it was all ready, It is amazing how easy it is to use DataDome, we configure our servers very quickly and the use of your panel is very efficient to..."

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Bill S.


Easy to implement, effective, and allows us to focus on other things

"Once configured DataDome works autonomously and works well. This allows our small SecOps team to focus on other areas which need their attention while maintaining a high-level of protection and prevention against bot based attacks and content scraping."

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Dedy L.

DevOps Manager

Pays for itself by eliminating crawler traffic from our servers

"The integration was very smooth and simple, with excellent onboarding support. DataDome has proven efficient since the beginning, protecting our content and stabilizing our server load. The customer support is very helpful, and overall we have a great relationship with DataDome."

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