Integrate your CDN with DataDome

Have you wondered whether the DataDome bot detection module can be used with your CDN? Good news: It can. 

DataDome can be used with any major CDN. The module is able to identify the real client IP that actually requests the page, and considers all IP ranges used by CDN service providers as Trusted Proxy.

Depending on your CDN, some configuration may be required.

The default Akamai configuration works seamlessly with the DataDome module, as it forwards all required information to the Origin.

If you are using Amazon CloudFront, on the other hand, you need to configure it to forward required information to the Origin.

Integrate your CDN with DataDome

In terms of cache management, DataDome will protect all hits that reach the Origin. If you need to protect all your content, we recommend the usage of a specific header to force the CDN to reach the Origin for each hit. This will not disable the cache, but forces the CDN to check cache validity for each hit. The packet is very light (no content), and resulting overhead will be very limited.

Learn more about using DataDome with your CDN in our CDN integration documentation.