Manage bot access to your site: Protect and monetize your content

In-depth analysis of your site traffic has given you precious insights regarding the threats posed by bots to your data, your ads or your customers, and regarding corporate interest in your online content.

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to properly assess the information contained in your DataDome dashboard, it’s time to think about the proper course of action to take in order to protect — and monetize — your content.

Block bad bot traffic to protect

Content scraping, advertising fraud, data theft: bad bots are a risk for any company doing business online. 

Blocking malicious bots helps optimize security for website owners eager to protect their content, product listings, readers and customers.

bot-protection-securitySome of our customers have found that bad bots represent up to 35% of their website traffic, resulting in slower site performance and a poorer user experience for their human visitors.

Others have experienced revenue losses as a direct result of bad bot traffic: Bad bots were damaging their traffic quality, causing programmatic platforms and ad agencies to stop doing business with them. An efficient blocking strategy helped them take on this issue, and offer a safer website for their users.

Manage bot access to monetize

Bots created by big data companies can become a new opportunity to generate revenue for you as a content provider.

Every piece of information on your site — from articles to comments, from product listings to social sharing statistics — has its own value, and can garner interest from a wide variety of companies.

Who’s after your data ?

The value of editorial content is on the rise. In order to improve media monitoring, customer listening or market research, more and more companies rely on real time harvesting of online content, using crawlers to scrape relevant data from online publishers or e-commerce platforms.

This content is then distributed, in full or through selected excerpts, with or without regard for licensing rights and contractual terms.

To prevent crawling activities, most website owners focus on their robots.txt files — but most bots can bypass this technique, making it insufficient to prevent automated traffic and content scraping.

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Business intelligence tools typically analyze e-commerce pages to create an automated feed of pricing updates, special offers and product listings within a specified vertical. An interesting asset for their users, but a lot less beneficial for you if your data is part of the service.

Bots created to carry out this mission create massive surges in traffic, significantly impacting performance for their targets. The information they freely collect allows their users to quickly adapt their own pricing strategies to keep a competitive edge against other industry players.

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Feed aggregators automatically scrape and distribute data based on their source or content, presenting it in the form of email alerts, notifications or third-party applications. Those tools are usually user-centric, used by individuals to follow specific topics in a single place, rather than one website at a time.

Marketing database solutions offer lead generation and market research tools by aggregating massive contact databases and technical resources. These databases are automatically updated in real time thanks to crawlers, which are scanning targeted websites regularly to extract relevant data.

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SEO tools analyze the structure and content of your website, in order to create comparative reports and help brands use this knowledge to optimize their search rankings.

To do so, SEO tools browse websites page by page to retrieve relevant information. Fully automated, this behaviour can cause server overload and negatively impact the user experience.

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DataDome: About us

While you can certainly try to protect your intellectual property with specific terms and conditions, or amend your robots.txt files, clever bots will more often than not bypass these “regulations” to access your content.

With DataDome, you can identify potentially monetizable bots, manage their access to your website, and negotiate conditions with interested companies.

When a bot tries to access your proprietary content, DataDome can reroute it to a contact form to help you find leads and open a new revenue stream for your website.

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