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Not only do malicious bots steal your content and skew your data, causing inaccurate lead attribution and engagement metrics, but bot traffic slows down your site. (A one-second delay in page speed can cut your conversions back 7%.) Rescue your mobile app, website, and API from bot sabotage.



Protect your competitive edge and proprietary business logic.


Business assets (offers, content, unique business logic, etc.) are protected from competitors.

DataDome protects against

DataDome - Web Scraping

Web Scraping

Cybercriminals collect data from your website for malicious purposes, such as content reselling, price undercutting, etc.
DataDome - Denial of Service

Ad Fraud

Fraud attempting to deceive ad platforms into thinking bot activity is real user behavior for financial gain.

Skewed Data

Bot traffic infamously appears in web analytics alongside legitimate traffic, which skews your marketing data.

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Illegitimate traffic has a direct effect on our reputation with current and potential customers... [DataDome helps us] provide excellent service and keep our customers happy.

Ben Behnam, CEO of JobLookup

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