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In an industry that’s shaken by changing habits, ad blockers and expectations of free content, finding new ways to develop your business model is a constant challenge.

It becomes crucial to consider the monetization potential of every area, every piece of content, every element that’s present on your online media pages.

Our observations of bot behavior and the kind of data their developers are looking for, show us that it’s possible to find solutions that can complement advertising and subscriptions in order to generate new revenue from your site.

The interested parties

Product data, editorial content or user feedback: every piece of data has a value, often in very specific use cases. Overview of the interested parties.

Editorial content is increasingly valuable for many companies. A growing number of players are using crawlers to capture content on media sites in real time, in order to monitor brand reputation, market trends or customer feedback, for instance.

This content is then being repurposed, partly or in its entirety, often with no consideration for copyright or  the publisher’s licensing conditions.

In order to block traffic from such crawlers, most sites optimize their robots.txt file. But this is often not sufficient to stop bot traffic and the automated scraping of proprietary content.

Business intelligence tools are continuously scanning webshop pages, automating the monitoring of product catalogs, prices and special offers within an industry. Very beneficial for those using the tools, a lot less beneficial for the targeted sites.

The bots that are used for this purpose are scanning pages on a massive scale, negatively impacting the performance of the targeted sites. The information collected by these bots enables those who are using them to quickly adjust their prices to match the competition, jeopardizing the ROI of pricing differentiation and special offers.

Feed aggregators automatically capture and distribute content from specific sources or on specific topics, based on update alerts. These tools make content directly available to readers, often in its entirety.
Marketing database solutions offer lead generation services and market research by aggregating vast databases of qualified contacts or technical analyses. These databases are updated automatically, thanks to bots crawling all kinds of websites in order to extract email addresses or information about third-party services and technologies deployed on their pages.
SEO tools analyze the structure and content of your site in order to establish reports or competitive analyses which help brands with their search engine optimization.

Such tools are based on intense crawling of every page on a site in order to capture relevant information. These automated visits, generated by bots, create additional server load and negatively impact the experience of human visitors.

Targeted content


The multiplication of media outlets means an ever increasing number of active writers on content-producing sites – and in the PR 2.0 universe, a brand’s ability to identify and get to know the most influential journalists is key to its success.

A number of solutions created for corporate PR departments are currently able to scan, analyze and duplicate content and information related to a journalist, in order to automate integration into and update of databases.

Bot monetization: Brand mentions



For brands, the monitoring and automated aggregation of mentions of the company, its products and its executives is of utmost importance. Thousands of bots called “crawlers” are scanning the internet, day after day, in order to enable these brands to keep an eye on their reputation, industry trends, and future marketing opportunities.

Accessing this information and making it available often happens outside the framework of licenses enabling publishers to ensure the appropriate monetization of their content. Articles captured by crawlers may be republished in their entirety by media analysis and monitoring platforms, enabling users to read them without seeing any ads. The developers of such crawlers are able to generate revenue from this distributed content, without offering any compensation to the original publishers.


The value of customer evaluations and conversational data is indisputable. For publishers, communications agencies and web marketing solution vendors, the ability to capture relevant conversations and present them in readable format is increasingly necessary.

Today, the crawlers developed by various monitoring solutions are fine-tuned to harvest comments and make them available to enterprises whenever a brand, a product or a person is mentioned. An activity which benefits the developers of the crawlers, but never the media sites where the conversations are actually happening.


Bot monetization: Social sharing data


Social sharing data

In order to analyze news, identify trends or assess the viral potential of a journalist or a topic, media monitoring tools are using the social sharing data which are made publicly available by most media sites.

These data add value to the solutions sold to advertisers. The information is part of the content targeted by crawlers, which aggregate them in real time and make it possible to transform them into visual indicators used by the marketing and communications departments of many enterprises.

Certain media sites have already deployed the DataDome solution on their servers in order to assess and analyze non-human traffic, with the aim to identify the big data companies that are sending crawlers to their site. This initial approach has enabled them to start protecting their content by blocking bots in real time, and to properly handle the transmission of their offer to identified big data companies – opening up a new channel for content monetization.

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