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50,00  HT on the 1st of each month for 12 months

Start protecting your online business against fraudulent bot activity. Put an end to ad fraud, web scraping and data theft with this starter pack, including:

  • Up to 500 000 hits per month
  • Dashboard access
  • Bot traffic monitoring
  • Backdata: 1 month
  • Bots blocking
  • Support & follow-up

First payment prorated. Next payment: March 1, 2017


Product Description

Start protecting your website with our Basic package: screen up to 500 000 hits per months,  monitor bot activity with your custom dashboards, and keep bad bots away from your pages:

  • Protect your content and your data from web scraping
  • Optimize your marketing by preventing ad fraud
  • Secure your web servers against attacks from hacking bots
  • Preserve security and trust with your community by stopping brute force attacks from impersonators



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