DataDome now has a real time server status page

The DataDome technology is deployed in multiple regions, in order to optimize latency between your servers and our API Servers. We are currently using four data centers, in Ireland, Germany, France and the USA (Virginia), respectively.

You can now check the status of the DataDome API servers in real time!

We have set up a web page enabling you to access real time status reports for all our servers. From the main page, you can click through to each individual data center for additional details.

You can find the status page here:

If you notice any anomalies in how the DataDome module is behaving, consider checking this page to determine if we are having server issues (in which case we will already be working on them).

For more information about our server setup and how to optimize your latency, please refer to our API Server documentation.

DataDome server status screenshot