What we solve:

84% of companies have high-risk vulnerabilities present on their network perimeters. Only real-time, full-visibility, 360° client-side and server-side bot detection protects against security threats at all endpoints (mobile apps, websites, and APIs) on any infrastructure.



Provide the most compliant and safe environment for internal and external stakeholders.


Compliance with the highest data security standards and laws.

DataDome protects against:


Web Recon

Reconnaissance covertly gathers information about a target network or system for use in subsequent attacks.

Vulnerability Scanning

Automated process of identifying security weaknesses to target in network devices or applications.
Credential Stuffing


Eliciting details about an application's components, properties, supporting software, and framework.
DataDome Payment Fraud

Token Cracking

Mass enumeration of coupon numbers, voucher codes, discount tokens, etc. to identify valid tokens.

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All our needs were resolved by the DataDome team. With this anti-bot solution, we protect all our critical assets on login, registration, restore pass, and other webpages. Also a heavy plus is the number of different integrations... A lot of our IT Security processes were automated by DataDome.

Igor B, Application Security (Excerpt from G2 review.)


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