Bots account for 50% of all web traffic, hurting online business and impairing user experience.

DataDome provides innovative technology and human expertise to block bad bots

Web Scraping

Targeting publishers and eCommerce websites, bots steal and republish protected content without authorization.

Web Scraping

Protect your priceless assets: articles, messages, prices, product lists, communities…

Ad Fraud

Wether you’re an advertiser or an ad publisher, Ad Fraud impairs your ability to deliver relevant ads at a decent price

Ad Fraud

Optimize your ad campaigns and your conversation rates.

Online Fraud

Attacking forums, online marketplaces and classified ads platforms, these bots can access sensitive user data

Online Fraud

Add a protection layer to your website, shut the door on bots trying to loot your users’ personal data.


Bots can massively attack websites, looking for security flaws, impairing safety and overloading servers


Optimize your website security and boost performance.

DataDome Technology blocks bad bots before they hurt your website

    Big data for security: since 2014, our partner websites have been equipped with DataDome modules, set up directly on their web servers, analyzing all incoming traffic in real time. The hit fingerprints will automatically be enriched with elements from proprietary databases, and then screened for technical and behavioural criteria, whose combinations are the root of DataDome’s bot detection algorithm.
    DataDome dashboards allow users to follow up on traffic quality, analyse bot activity and amend bot access rights.

    Real-time email alerts help users understand what types of content bots are after.

    Regain control over your content, improve your website’s performance and protect your users.

DataDome dashboards have been created to keep an eye on traffic quality or precisely analyse bot activity and define and adjust actions against bots.

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