Unparalleled Accuracy, Zero Compromise

We are the bot and online fraud protection most hated by attackers, and most loved by our customers.

99% Reduction in Account Takeover Fraud

0.01% False Positive Rate, Uninterrupted users’ experience

0.01% False Positive Rate: Uninterrupted User Experience

90% Time saved on online fraud & bot issues

90% Time Saved on Online Fraud & Bot Issues

Trusted by Leading Enterprises Around the World

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What Makes DataDome Different

RealTime, EveryTime

Real Time, Every Time

Every single request is analyzed within 2 milliseconds and processed with 99.99% accuracy, thanks to our ML engine, continuously updated based on 3 trillion signals per day.
Frictionless For Customers

Frictionless for Consumers

Adding zero latency to your platform’s performance, with an industry-beating false positive rate, your real users never know we’re there. Compliant with global data privacy laws.
Force Multiplier

Force Multiplier for Your Team

Empower your teams to focus on revenue driving activities with our autopilot protection, 24/7 SOC team, intuitive dashboard, and easy integrations.

Secure Your Business & Customers

Prevent fraud (and the resulting monetary cost, customer frustration, and loss of brand trust) on autopilot with a specialized and adaptive bot and online fraud protection solution.
  • 24/7 SOC Experts Follow the Sun

  • Supervised Machine Learning Leverages Cumulative Data

  • Each Request Analyzed Anew

  • 0.01% False Positive Rate

Easily Explore Your Traffic Reports

See Bot & Online Fraud Threats Blocked in Real Time →

Access Detailed Insights on Attacks →

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Reclaim Your Resources

Our customers thank us for stabilizing server load, preventing downtime, and reducing their time spent on bot management. Also, DataDome often pays for itself in infrastructure cost savings.

DataDome has enabled us to make these considerable productivity gains, even though the primary purpose is something else. We have better security AND we have taken back some of our time, and that’s huge for us.

Bill Salak, CTO at Brainly

Ease, Transparency, & Integrations Save IT & Security Team Time

Deliver an Exceptional UX

DataDome’s bot management solution and integrated CAPTCHA add zero latency to your site’s performance, ensure a 0.01% false positive rate, and safeguard your end-users’ privacy.

DataDome’s CAPTCHA gives us peace of mind. Not only does it block bot traffic, we know that our users’ experience remains uninterrupted. And because DataDome prioritizes privacy, we likewise don’t have to worry about violating compliance regulations.

Ivan Delgado, CIO at RealClearPolitics.com


Deploy Easily on Any Infrastructure

DataDome runs anywhere, in any cloud. Install it in minutes with simple code and lightweight SDKs optimized for your architecture. Our bot and fraud detection solution is compatible with all major web technologies, including multi-cloud and multi-CDN setups, and offers unified protection of complex architectures.