DataDome’s Mission:

To Rid the Web of Fraudulent Traffic

We set the standards in bot and online fraud protection, consumer focus, and company culture since 2015.

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300+ Customers Worldwide

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160+ Global Employees

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Leadership Team

Benjamin Fabre

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Benjamin Barrier

Chief Strategy Officer

Aurelie Guerrieri

Chief Marketing Officer

Olivier Trabucato

Chief Operating Officer

Gilles Walbrou

Chief Technology Officer

Laurette Charlier

VP People

Mathieu Dalmau

VP Solutions & Services

Thomas Lesachey

VP Sales

Paul Scanlon

VP Product

Soraya Remé

Head of Customer Success
Antoine Vastel, Head of Research

Antoine Vastel

Head of Research

Board of Directors

Fabien Grenier

DataDome Co-Founder
& Chairman of the Board

Benjamin Fabre

DataDome Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder

Jean-David Chamboredon

ISAI Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder

Andrew Hunt

Elephant Founder & General Partner,
Warby Parker Founder

Lars Letonoff

KnowB4 President
& Chief Revenue Officer

Sébastien Lucas

Investor & Board Member

Guillaume Santamaria

Partner at InfraVia

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We Put Our Solution Through the Ringer

Each month, the internet’s best bot builders make 80,000+ attempts to breach DataDome’s protection.

In addition to all the real malicious attacks we block from reaching our customers, we proudly partner with ethical hacking platform YesWeHack for a program in which 75+ formidable hackers are incentivized to try to breach DataDome’s protection.
The program has seen zero successful hacking attempts since we launched DataDome CAPTCHA.

DataDome’s Backstory

DataDome was founded in 2015 by Benjamin Fabre and Fabien Grenier—two long-time business partners and serial entrepreneurs with impressive track records in scalable web infrastructures, AI-powered data stream processing, SaaS technologies, digital strategy, and cybersecurity.

Years of expertise in the digital realm enabled them to foresee the rise of bot-driven fraud. They created DataDome as a state-of-the-art solution to help online businesses fight bot attacks and fraud. DataDome has quickly evolved into an award winning global cybersecurity company that protects some of the world’s most prestigious online businesses.

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