Online Fraud Prevention

What we solve:

77% of businesses have reported being a victim of some type of fraud through digital payments. DataDome protects your business, customers, and PII with a tailored approach to meet your dedicated KPIs and prevent bot-driven online fraud.



Stay ahead of the curve on protecting personally identifiable information (PII).


Get fraudulent transactions close to 0 and integrity of user accounts in compliance with GDPR, CCPA, etc.

DataDome protects against:

Fake Account Creation

Bots use stolen or synthetic identities to open new accounts and commit fraud.
DataDome Payment Fraud

Card Fraud

Cybercriminals use carding and card cracking bots to test stolen card data, often with small transactions to avoid attention.

Account Takeover (ATO)

A form of identity theft and fraud where a malicious third party gains access to a user's account credentials.
Credential stuffing threatens your business and customers.

Credential Stuffing

Credentials obtained from a data breach on one service are used to attempt to log in to another unrelated site.

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We evaluated many products, including competitors with top reviews. In terms of cost, ease of use, reporting, and protection, DataDome was the best by far.

Raymond Borhan, CTO,


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